How to Remove Common Cybersecurity Implementation Pain Points with Eclypses MTE Technology

Implementing cybersecurity software can help protect a business from cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other security threats. However, the process of implementing new cybersecurity software can be challenging for most organizations. Here are a few common pain points that organizations may encounter when implementing cybersecurity software and how implementing Eclypses MTE (MicroToken Exchange) technology removes those barriers: 

Challenge 1: Lack of understanding 

Many organizations do not have a deep understanding of cybersecurity, making it challenging to select and implement the right software. This can lead to choosing the wrong software or not implementing the software correctly. 

Solution: MTE Integration Validation 

At Eclypses, we are committed to our customer’s success by providing them with access to all technical documentation related to the integration of MTE well in advance. This allows our customer’s engineering teams to review and understand the MTE integration requirements for their specific product offering and identify any potential issues or questions ahead of the project kickoff. 

Our MTE best practice guides, developer guides, language-specific code samples, and examples, as well as our debugging guide, provide all the information necessary for a successful MTE implementation. During each integration, we engage in low-level discussions, reviewing code when necessary, keeping our clients teams focused throughout the project. After each implementation, our engineers will review and sign off on the MTE implementation, allowing our clients to shift gears and begin testing or request changes to certify compliance with our MTE best practices. 

We recognize the importance of following best practices when implementing MTE to ensure our clients’ overall security and success. By working closely with our customers throughout the integration process, we can ensure they are well-positioned for a smooth and successful implementation. 

Challenge 2: Complexity 

Implementing new cybersecurity software can be extremely complex and resource-intensive, requiring considerable time, money, and subject matter expert personnel. Organizations may not have the necessary resources available to allocate for the duration of a project, leading to delays or a lack of thorough testing. 

Solution: Simplified Implementation with Eclypses MTE 

At Eclypses, we understand the importance of streamlining the implementation process for our clients. Our MTE solution is designed to be easy to implement and deploy, enabling organizations to complete the integration process in just days or even hours. This reduces the duration client SMEs are needed to complete the integration, freeing up their valuable resources that can be redirected to other critical priorities. 

By simplifying the implementation process, our clients can alleviate long-term project resource restrictions, lowering project costs and enabling them to move into production on time and within budget. Our team provides exceptional support throughout the integration process, making certain our clients have everything they need to successfully implement MTE. We help our clients unlock the full value of MTE and easily achieve their business security objectives. 

Challenge 3: Integration 

Often, new cybersecurity software needs to integrate with existing production security solutions and their settings. If the new cybersecurity software does not integrate well with existing security solutions, it can cause integration delays and decreased productivity. 

Solution: Integration of Eclypses MTE 

At Eclypses, we understand the importance of a seamless integration with our client’s existing security software and solutions. MTE is embeddable, fast, and future-resistant without affecting other security settings or protocols as we encode the data with instantly obsolete random characters at the application layer, before the operating system or third-party security protocols are called, which always keeps the data secure. 

Challenge 4: Inadequate Testing 

Testing is a critical part of cybersecurity software implementation, but it can be time-consuming and resource intensive. If testing is not thorough, it can lead to vulnerabilities and other issues that can impact the security of the organization. 

Solution: MTE Simplifies Testing Needs 

At Eclypses, we know the importance of simplifying the testing process for our clients. We have designed a cybersecurity offering that eliminates the need to have dials or switches to fine-tune MTE security functionality for each individual implementation. 

This streamlined approach enables our clients to enjoy a smoother, faster testing process, as MTE is designed to work as expected right out of the box. Our team is there for our clients throughout their testing process, validating they have everything they need to successfully test MTE and achieve their product and platform security needs. 

With MTE, our clients can be confident in the security and integrity of their data. By eliminating the need for extensive customization and fine-tuning, we help to reduce the complexity of the testing process, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptionally secure services to their customers.  

Challenge 5: Compliance 

Compliance with industry standards and regulations is a critical aspect of cybersecurity. Most cybersecurity software requires organizations to comply with specific regulations, which can be challenging and time-consuming. 

Solution: Zero Compliance Restrictions with Eclypses MTE 

At Eclypses, we recognize the importance of regulatory compliance and the impact it can have on our customer’s business operations. That’s why we have designed MTE to be seamlessly integrated into our customer’s software applications, becoming a component of their overall product offering rather than just a third-party, bolt-on security solution. 

By integrating MTE, our customers can rest assured that they will be able to pass front-end security audits at a moment’s notice, regardless of any regulatory compliance rule changes that may arise. Our MTE technology is designed to protect customer data at the application layer, utilizing NIST-approved cryptographic algorithms built into our Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL). This enables us to randomize and replace data with instantly obsolete values, keeping the highest levels of security for our customer’s data. 

With Eclypses MTE, our customers benefit from a truly future-proof security solution that keeps their data protected no matter what regulatory compliance changes are made. MTE will always provide unmatched protection and security of our customer’s data.  

Here is an example of a successful MTE Integration where we checked all the boxes: Wholesale Payroll  


Safeguarding an organization’s data through cybersecurity software is crucial. However, the implementation process can pose significant challenges. Fortunately, Eclypses MTE provides an excellent solution that is cost-effective, easy to use, adaptable, and compliant while eliminating the difficulties and challenges associated with common cybersecurity software implementations.   

By adopting MTE, organizations can benefit from a quantum-resistant security solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing Mobile, Web, and IoT (Internet of Things) product offerings, providing peace of mind and protection against cyber threats.