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Our disruptive MTE technology redefines data security. Edge security has expanded to include billions of devices including IoT, mobile and web pages – all susceptible to cyber threats. By utilizing our MTE Toolkit, our technology quickly and efficiently provides security at the application level. We solve your data endpoint vulnerabilities without sacrificing your product's performance.

We don't make the things you use.
We make the things you use more secure.

Eclypses offered us an alternative to the costly route of becoming security experts just to participate in the IoT revolution. We’re seizing this opportunity to use our resources to do what we do best.

Dixon Dick, CEO of Archethought

The MTE Technology


Our MTE technology replaces your valuable data with meaningless, instantly obsolete random streams of values. When the payload is intentionally corrupted, data exploitation becomes virtually impossible.

MTE technology generates instantly obsolete, meaningless random streams of values. These values replace any form of data transmitted between endpoints OR generated as single use encryption keys.

Provides a necessary – low latency – added layer of security complementing existing cyber protocols with real-time speeds.

Highly scalable solution offering ease of implementation into existing systems with user-friendly API’s and SDK’s.


Our solutions are highly scalable to your specific needs. We allow you to configure multiple layers of protection in order to maintain the resiliency of your system.


We keep your hardware or methods of communication unaltered. MTE is an extension of your device and is easily implemented within any existing software.


Structured or unstructured, there is no need to change the shape of your data. Secure what you need to – from large files down to individual bytes.

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Data security for the future

MTE technology ensures your data is reliable from inception to delivery. This security option is a must-have for any company that desires true data obfuscation.

Prevent a mass data breach

Stay protected from potential cyber attacks. Our data-in-transit solutions ensure data is only interpreted by the intended recipient.

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