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Your organization’s success hinges on safeguarding its most critical asset—data. Stop leaving your security to chance.  

Eclypses Secure MTE® technology is not just a data security solution; it’s a strategic shield for your business. Our innovative approach ensures real-time, unwavering data security across various application channels on prem and in the cloud. 

How it Works
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Eclypses named an HFS Hot Vendor 2024

After being carefully selected through HFS’ rigorous five-step assessment, we are proud to have been named an HFS OneEcosystem™ Hot Vendor.

HFS Hot Vendor Eclypses

This report highlights our technology’s ability to adapt, protect and solve for today’s complex business problems and security concerns. Learn more in the full report here!


Next-generation application data security on prem and in the cloud

In today’s digital world, data isn’t just valuable—it’s your business’s most critical asset. It powers your operations, informs your decisions, and connects you to your customers.  

But here’s the reality: traditional security measures fall short in protecting your data. Compliance checklists and outdated best practices simply won’t cut it in today’s data-driven ecosystem. Even meticulously followed protocols can’t guarantee an impenetrable defense against breaches and cyber threats. 

That’s where we come in. Our cutting-edge solutions go beyond conventional approaches, providing robust protection for your business-critical data. With escalating risks and ever-evolving threats, you need a partner who stays ahead of the curve. 

Discover the future of data security with Eclypses. 

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Eclypses MTE Relay Server Eclypses MTE API Relay

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This is Why Secure MTE is Different

FIPS 140-3 Inside, #4690

Our patented Secure MTE technology utilizes our Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL), which has achieved the Federal Information Processing Standard 140-3 (FIPS 140-3) validation after an independent, NIST-accredited laboratory put the Eclypses encryption modules through a series of tests, to replace your data at the application layer, securing it before the operating system through any network until delivery to the receiving application. 

Protect against targeted attacks that happen at the application level.

Mobile Application Security

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Endpoint Verification

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge

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Application Level Security

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Event-Driven Application Security

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Website Security

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Eclypses MTE Technology Wins Best Security Solution for 2023, Marking Second Consecutive Year of Recognition

Eclypses announced that they have been named the winner for “Best Security Solution” in the 2023 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards.

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