Secure the connected edge devices now

Eliminate your organization’s risk by replacing your valuable data with meaningless, instantly obsolete random streams of values with MTE® technology.

How it Works
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This is Why MTE is Different

MTE technology secures your transaction by replacing your data with meaningless, instantly obsolete random streams of values, from inception all the way through to the intended recipient. The hacker would only be able to see the random streams of values if they got through, which has no correlation to the source data.

What is MTE Technology

Protect against targeted attacks that happen at the application level.

Mobile Application Security

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Endpoint Verification

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge

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Application Level Security

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Jailbreak or Root Protection

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Website Security

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Eclypses Receives FIPS 140-3 Validation, Proves Efficacy and Security of its MTE Technology

FIPS 140-3 validation ensures Eclypses customers are using a product validated by a National Institute of Standards and Technology approved testing laboratory.

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