The Threat is Real

Are you ready to take control of your data security?

MTE® Technology was developed to be the most innovative and disruptive data security solution for all mobile application technologies and websites.

Cyber security organizations have one goal: to keep the cyber criminals out, which often means their solution is focused on securing the tunnel, not the actual data.

This is why we are different

MTE technology secures your data from inception all the way through to the intended recipient.

By securing at the application level, MTE technology:

  • Verifies each endpoint connection
  • Requires no change to the user experience
  • Minimal impact on system resources
  • Secures data inside the application

Safeguard your data with advanced capabilities such as zero trust authentication, application level security and jailbreak/root detection. MTE can help protect against targeted mobile attacks that happen at the application level. With MTE technology, no matter what happens – your data remains secure.

Eclypses offered us an alternative to the costly route of becoming security experts just to participate in the IoT revolution. We’re seizing this opportunity to use our resources to do what we do best.

Dixon Dick, CEO of Archethought

The MTE Technology


Our MTE technology is a data security solution providing mobile application security and website security through our MTE Mobile and MTE Web toolkits. MTE Mobile and MTE Web protect your mobile applications and websites from known and unknown threats. Our mission is to offer our clients a data security solution to ensure your digital future is protected from cyber criminals.

Application Level Security

Endpoint Verification

Jailbreak or Root Protection

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge


Maintain control of your data at all times.


No patterns, no replays, no correlation to the source data. MTE generates instantly obsolete, random streams of value that are never to be used again.


Timestamp and checksum are built into every message.

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Data security for the future

MTE technology ensures your data is reliable from inception to delivery. This security option is a must-have for any company that desires true data obfuscation.

Prevent a mass data breach

Stay protected from potential cyber attacks. Our data-in-transit solutions ensure data is only interpreted by the intended recipient.

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