Stop trusting others with your security.

Eclypses MTE® technology protects an organization’s most critical and valuable asset—its data.

Stop trusting the operating system to be secure, the communication protocol to securely transport your data, third parties, and system libraries to orchestrate data protection. Take control using MTE technology within your application.

How it Works
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Your customer has bad cyber hygiene, and your best practices are ignoring it.

Rather than trying to monitor or encrypt the data, why not just replace the data to make it unusable? Once data leaves the network, you have no control over your customer’s data. Modern auditing security works with the assumption that your customer’s data is secure from endpoint to endpoint. That’s where Eclypses MTE technology comes in.  

MTE technology goes above today’s best practices and standards by offering mobile, web, IoT, and Kafka security for your application on your customer’s devices, protecting data at the application level. This means that the data is secure from the application all the way through to your server-side application. 

Even in the event of a breach, your data remains secure with MTE technology. Stay ahead of threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks, credential stuffing, zero-day attacks, malware, brute force attacks, jailbroken/rooted devices, attack surfaces, and attack vectors caused by third-party applications, SIM swapping, network spoofing, and operating system defaults. 

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This is Why MTE is Different

Our patented MTE technology utilizes our Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL) to replace your data at the application layer, securing it before the operating system through any network until delivery to the receiving application.

What is MTE Technology

Protect against targeted attacks that happen at the application level.

Mobile Application Security

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Endpoint Verification

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge

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Application Level Security

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Jailbreak or Root Protection

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Website Security

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Eclypses MTE Technology Wins Best Security Solution for 2023, Marking Second Consecutive Year of Recognition

Eclypses announced that they have been named the winner for “Best Security Solution” in the 2023 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards.

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