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Our disruptive MicroToken Exchange (MTE) redefines data security. We solve your data vulnerabilities without sacrificing your product's performance.

We don't make the things you use.
We make the things you use more secure.

With the current techniques and safeguards in place, as well as the algorithms being used in MTE Authentication Token generation, the MTE technology was unassailable and unable to be compromised during the testing

Jonathan Hard, CEO

The Eclypses approach to cloud security may be the most brilliant and effective that I’ve seen to date, in an area that is critical if Net-based commerce, applications, and transactions are to go forward.

Mark Anderson, FiRe chair and CEO

Eclypses has cracked the code on how to properly secure data that’s both at rest and at motion.

Richard Marshall, former director of Global Cybersecurity Management

The MicroToken Exchange

Our MicroToken Exchange technology replaces your valuable data with a meaningless, instantly obsolete replacement value, we call a MicroToken. When the payload is intentionally corrupted, data exploitation becomes virtually impossible.
1replace data with microtoken

Your data is sent to one of our MTE solutions and replaced with a random MicroToken.

2Swap Back For Your Data

When the authorized data is needed, the MicroToken(s) is/are returned to the MTE in exchange for your real data.

3Real Time Data Breach Protection

Use data in real time without worrying about mass data breach.

We Value Your Technology

Our solutions are scalable to your specific needs. We allow you to configure multiple layers of protection in order to maintain the resiliency of your system.

We Preserve Your Hardware

We keep your hardware or methods of communication unaltered. The MTE is an extension of your device and is easily implemented within any existing software.

We Secure Your Data

Structured or unstructured, there is no need to change the shape of your data. Secure what you need to – from large files down to individual bytes.

MicroToken Exchange Implementations

The MicroToken Exchange is easily integrated into most systems or devices and rarely requires changes to hardware or communication protocols. With an incredibly small footprint, our technology can provide military grade security while maintaining low latency requirements.

Internet of Things

From medical devices to smart home products, and everything in-between...we live in a connnected world and IoT technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. Our MicroToken Exchange solution ensures sensitive data remains safeguarded in any environment, at every step in the communication process.
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Mobile Threat Solutions

Smartphones are one of the most common network-connected devices in the world. MicroToken Exchange technology secures data sent from any mobile app while our Jailbreak/Rooting Detection add-on exposes threats and prevents mobile apps from running on tampered devices.
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Long Range Wide Area Network Devices

Providing exceptional end-to-end payload security on LoRaWAN/LPWAN devices is an unprecedented achievement of MicroToken Exchange technology. With the unique constraints of low-power, long range devices in mind, MicroTokens Exchange functions with minimal latency and processing overhead.
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Top of the line security
MicroToken Exchange ensures your data is reliable from inception to delivery. This new security option is a must-have for any company that desires true data obfuscation.
Prevent a mass data breach
Stay protected from potential cyber attacks. Our data in transit and data at rest solutions ensure data is only interpreted by the intended recipient.

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