MTE Nano

Security for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices 

MTE Nano is the ultimate solution for end-to-end data protection for resource-constrained IoT devices. MTE Nano offers quantum-resistant security that provides over 90% reduction in RAM usage and over 50% reduction in library size.  

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Next Generation IoT Security 

In today’s world, microcontrollers are used across different industries, such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, etc. However, these small devices are highly vulnerable to security breaches due to their limited resources. Cyber-criminals often target these devices as a way to gain access to networks and sensitive data. This is where MTE Nano comes in, providing robust security for even the most resource-constrained IoT devices. 

Our solution offers quantum-level security, ensuring true and consistent security, regardless of your device’s capabilities. This means you can focus on the core functionalities of your device, without having to worry about the risks of cyber-attacks. 

End-to-End Data Protection for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices

Secures resource-constrained IoT devices: provides over a 90% reduction in RAM usage and over a 50% reduction in library size 

Quantum-resistant: MTE technology is data security for the future by allowing customers to be proactive against new threats.   

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