MTE Technology

Standard encryption schemes leave your most sensitive data at risk. The MTE technology eliminates that risk by replacing valuable data with meaningless, instantly obsolete random streams of values. MTE provides true end-to-end payload protection through every hop of a network, regardless of the configuration, and ensures that in the event of a breach, attackers cannot use the data to cause harm.


Protecting Data In Transit

Random streams of values have no correlation to source data. An attacker would only be able to see the MTE randomly generated, instantly obsolete, random stream of values if they got through.

MTE Toolkit

The MTE Toolkit utilizes MTE technology to enhance data security on your mobile applications (MTE Mobile), IoT devices (MTE Connect) and web browser sessions (MTE Web). The MTE Toolkit includes a C Library with multiple configurable language interfaces and is highly customizable with no dependency on third party technologies.

MTE Mobile
MTE Connect

MTE Mobile

MTE Mobile provides an additional solution that is configurable on each endpoint, for each session, uniquely protecting each data payload. MTE intentionally corrupts the synchronization, making the data unusable when a threat is detected on a mobile device. MTE Mobile addresses vulnerabilities such as jailbroken, or rooted devices, SIM swap attacks, and application-based threats (malware, spyware, privacy threats, vulnerable applications).

  • MTE Mobile provides security at the application level to ensure your sensitive data is not exposed through a compromised operating system – preventing potential cyber attacks.
  • MTE Mobile complements your existing security protocols, addressing handshaking vulnerabilities in SSL/TLS
  • MTE Mobile complements your existing MTD solutions

MTE Connect

MTE Connect delivers security that meets the needs for highly scalable, low-power, widely dispersed endpoints for all IoT environments. MTE Connect addresses vulnerabilities such as insecure data transfer (listed as one of the top 5 vulnerabilities facing IoT ecosystems), IoT devices may not possess enough resources to properly secure data or transmissions, and IoT devices are generally the weak link in network security.

  • MTE Connect provides end-to-end payload security within entire network
  • MTE Connect has no reliance on network provider for secure communication
  • MTE Connect eliminates risk of data exposure to network operator
  • MTE Connect is more efficient than SSL


MTE Web is an extra layer of security that protects individual fields of sensitive data on a webpage, for when exposure cannot be tolerated. MTE Web is deployed through a web browser without plug-ins or disruption to the user experience. MTE Web protects against vulnerabilities such as replay attacks, Wi-Fi eavesdropping, spoofing (IP spoofing, DNS spoofing, HTTPS spoofing) and hijacking (SSL hijacking, session/browser cookie hijacking, email hijacking).

  • MTE Web protects the data that will be transmitted over unsecured Wi-Fi
  • MTE Web provides the ability to secure a single web browsing session with low latency
  • MTE Web can be used in conjunction with SSL and TLS
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