MTE Connect

Scalable IoT Device Security

MTE Connect delivers security for highly scalable, low-power, widely dispersed endpoints for all IoT environments. By utilizing MTE technology with your IoT devices, you will be able to eliminate replay attacks, establish endpoint verification and provide timestamps to ensure that packets cannot be delayed during transmission.

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 MTE IoT Security

Securing your IoT devices from endpoint to endpoint

With billions of IoT devices already connected and 75 billion due to arrive in the IoT market by 2025, how do you plan to keep these devices secure?

The MTE Connect toolkit is a solution that provides end-to-end payload security within the entire network. MTE Connect addresses vulnerabilities such as insecure data transfer (listed as one of the top 5 vulnerabilities facing IoT ecosystems), IoT devices may not possess enough resources to properly secure data or transmissions, and IoT devices are generally the weak link in network security.

By utilizing our Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL), which has achieved the Federal Information Processing Standard 140-3 (FIPS 140-3) validation, our patented MTE technology has no reliance or dependencies on the operating system libraries. You can have zero trust with full knowledge and utilize ‘known information’ about the client to instantiate, while that information never has to be sent. 

Seamless IoT Device Security

  • MTE Connect provides unmatched security for low-level devices at a minuscule size, minimal RAM, and negligible latency.
  • MTE Connect provides end-to-end payload security within entire network
  • MTE Connect has no reliance on network provider for secure communication
  • MTE Connect eliminates risk of data exposure to network operator
  • MTE Connect is more efficient than SSL

Contact our OEM team to integrate MTE Connect into your devices, platforms or products: [email protected]

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