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Allowing you to meet compliance standards and requirements

MTE technology enables you to future-proof your data while meeting an increasing number of rigorous compliance standards and requirements with our patented technology. Don’t let foreign actors gain access to your data. By securing with MTE, your data is useless as MTE replaces your data with instantly obsolete, random streams of values that cannot be reconstructed, even if the cyber criminal is able to gain access. 

Sophisticated cyber criminals already have the ability to put themselves far ahead of government agencies. They are quickly gaining new points into your infrastructure every day. MTE allows you to stay protected from these threats, as MTE offers:

  • Ultra-small footprint
  • Verifies each endpoint
  • Requires no change to the user experience
  • Secures data inside the application
  • Provides protection starting at the operating system 
  • Unparalleled speeds
  • Negligible impact on systems resources

Protect against targeted attacks that happen at the application level.

Mobile Application Security

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Endpoint Verification

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge

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Application Level Security

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Event-Driven Application Security

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Website Security

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