MTE Kafka

Kafka Data Streams Security  

MTE Kafka secures real-time Kafka streams and data. MTE enables security to be embedded in the Kafka ecosystem at the data level, removing outside dependencies allowing for optimized security operations, and removing the reliance on third-party key management systems.

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Next Generation Kafka Security 

Existing technologies can only provide security by slowing down production systems, causing slowdowns and customer experience impacts.

The MTE Kafka toolkit is a solution to secure large data streams capable of processing a high quantity of records and messages while maintaining low latency.

MTE Kafka is a quantum-resistant technology allowing you to be proactive against future threats.

Real-Time End-to-End Data Protection 

Secures real-time Kafka streams messages: end-to-end data protection for real-time Kafka streams and data. MTE Kafka secures the Kafka ecosystem, producers and consumers, protecting the business data where it matters most.

Removes risk and lowers cost: when eliminating KMS, MTE removes risk vectors and lowers operational cost. 

Seamless implementation and highly scalable: MTE Kafka offers an easy implementation process with minimal change to your current infrastructure. 

Quantum-resistant: MTE technology is data security for the future by allowing customers to be proactive against new threats.  

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