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Eclypses sets the new standard for protecting your most sensitive data security. Our disruptive technology provides our clients with the highest level of data security available today.
Eclypses offers a transformative "Quantum Resistant" security solution using a framework known as MicroToken Exchange (MTE), utilizing patented methods to replace actual data with MicroTokens. This disruptive technology, revolutionary in both speed and accessibility, gives clients access to the highest level of security available today, safeguarding even the most vulnerable data from cyberattacks.
Headquartered in Colorado Springs, the nationwide center for cybersecurity, Eclypses delivers solutions for a wide array of industries, including Critical Infrastructure, Healthcare, Fintech, and Government and Defense.
We don't make the things you use,
we make the things you use more secure.

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Colorado Springs Office

2005 Aeroplaza Drive
Colorado Springs, CO

Boston Office

33 Broad Street, 11th Floor
Boston, MA

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