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About Us

Eclypses has a disrupting cyber technology, offering organizations an advanced data security solution not seen in today’s environments, called MicroToken Exchange® (MTE). Founded in 2017, Eclypses originated as a subsidiary of Secure Cloud Systems, Inc. with the primary focus of developing the MTE cyber technology to be the most innovative and disruptive data security solution for all mobile application technologies and websites. The development of this technology led to the MTE toolkit, as we know it today.  

Our patented and award-winning MTE technology was developed through our technical team in Colorado Springs, CO, where we continue to innovate and expand on this cutting-edge security technology. The MTE technology generates a random string of values that is used to replace any form of structured or unstructured data. This replacement string of values is referred to as MTE, which provides innovative security against man-in-the-middle cyber-attacks.  

Our Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL) has achieved the Federal Information Processing Standard 140-3 (FIPS 140-3) validation after an independent, NIST-accredited laboratory put the Eclypses encryption modules through a series of tests which acts as a key component inside our Secure MTE Technology. 

Seen as the gold standard in data security,  FIPS 140-3 validation proves that Eclypses’ Cryptographic Library effectively and consistently helps the Secure MTE Technology safeguard user data, ensuring thatbad actors cannot access valuable information at any point during the data transmission process. 

For two consecutive years, our MTE Technology won Best Security Solution in the Financial Technology Forum (FTF) News Technology Innovation Awards in 2022 and 2023 and was named Best Data Protection Solution on the market today by CyberNews. 

With a focus in mobile, web, and IoT, our technology allows for a higher level of security to protect against man-in-the-middle cyber-attacks in products and applications that may have limited resources, such as battery life, processor, or throughput. 

The Eclypses Story

  • January 2017

    Start of Eclypses

  • January 2019

    Alpha version of MTE technology is ready for testing

  • March 2019

    MTE tested by independent 3rd party H2L Solutions

  • July 2019

    MTE tested by U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center Threat Penetration Team

  • February 2020

    Beta Version of the MTE technology is deployed for testing

  • August 2020

    The first full version release of the MTE toolkit

  • September 2021

    FIPS 140-3 conformance tested and currently awaiting certification

  • October 2021

    MTE 2.0 Release

  • May 2022

    Wins Financial Technology Forum (FTF) News Technology Innovation Award for Best Cybersecurity Solution

  • May 2022

    MTE technology was named a Best Data Protection Solution on the market today by CyberNews

  • October 2022

    MTE 3.0 Release

  • April 2023

    MTE Kafka toolkit release

  • May 2023

    Wins Financial Technology Forum (FTF) News Technology Innovation Award for Best Security Solution

  • May 2023

    MTE Nano toolkit release

  • August 2023

    Listed as a Top Cybersecurity Company in Colorado (DesignRush)

  • December 2023

    Eclypses shines in Pen Test by Abira Security

  • April 2024

    Eclypses Cryptographic Library receives FIPS 140-3 Validation