Seamless Website Security

MTE Web uses MTE technology to protect individual fields of sensitive data on a webpage, for when exposure cannot be tolerated. MTE Web uses Customer Data Protection (CDP) to provide an MDM style security for your data in a customer’s browser.

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 MTE Website Security

Securing your website browsers without disruption to the user experience

The MTE Web toolkit is a solution that is deployed through a web browser without plug-ins or disruption to the user experience.

MTE Web protects against vulnerabilities such as replay attacks, Wi-Fi eavesdropping, spoofing (IP spoofing, DNS spoofing, HTTPS spoofing) and hijacking (SSL hijacking, session/browser cookie hijacking, email hijacking).

Protect against targeted attacks that happen at the application level.

Mobile Application Security

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Endpoint Verification

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge

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Application Level Security

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Event-Driven Application Security

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Website Security

Continuous Website Security

Replaces your data: utilize MTE to replace your data with instantly obsolete random streams of values. You choose what sensitive data to secure, improving efficiency and allowing for a targeted security approach.

Secures your data: from your browser all the way to the web server

Prevents man-in-the-middle attacks: when on public or unsecured web connections

No key management needed: as our MKE product provides automated key management with ever changing unrelated keys

Works with all versions of TLS: MTE technology is complementary to your existing security protocols

Individually secures each transmission within the session: this is unlike TLS or traditional web security where it is secured by session.

Compatible & Easy to Use

Works with any modern web browser: easily added to any website

No downloads, plugins, or installations on the client side: MTE is embedded in the website and accessible for use in the client browser with no change to the user experience

No external reliance on Eclypses or 3rd parties: no need for external calls to Eclypses servers or verification services

Small footprint: small size of approximately 60kB, compared to OpenSSL library size of approximately 800kB. MTE has high efficiency/low latency when compared to other security technology offerings

SDR (Secure Data Replacement)

Secures sensitive data: secures data (at rest or in the browser at rest) in a cookie or local storage

Webpage controlled: takes place in your web application reducing the reliance and trust on things you do not control, such as the client, operating system (OS), network, etc.

Store more data on client devices: allows you to securely store more data on the client’s device without fear of exposure, reducing the need to exchange information, and building in more knowledge to the relationship.

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