Our Partners

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Developing strong partnerships

Our MTE technology is trusted by companies big and small and we’re proud to be associated with the following clients and channel partners. Every day, clients benefit from the value proposition offered by Eclypses and our partners.

Channel Partners

ACEIS Electric & Power

ACEIS Power & Electric creates products which leverages AI and quantum computing to create advanced cutting-edge technology for their clients.

Apexa iQ

ApexaiQTM is a Saas based platform giving IT leaders the confidence they need to mitigate risk within their IT estate.

AuNR Systems

AuNR Systems is a network solution enablement provider that creates applications and infrastructure to increase efficiency in their client’s businesses.


BlockApt brings together threat intelligence, vulnerability management, device management and proactive incident response management to help fight the war against cyber attackers.


Coforge is a global IT solutions organization which uses technology such as AI and Cloud to provide clients with security and information from emerging technologies.

Consultec ti

Consultec offers its clients technological solutions specialized in the digital field. Its team of collaborators, mostly digital natives, work every day to transform the potential of information technologies into value for customers.

Horizon Industries

Horizon Industries is an IT services corporation which provides support across its client’s business by conducting business strategy analysis, business system development and deployment, and operations support.


Senet develops cloud-based software and services used by Network Operators, Application Developers, and System Integrators for the on-demand deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) networks.


ValidDatum is an organization that provides consulting and security solutions related to Data Management, Cyber-Security, Data Protection & Privacy.