MTE Mobile

Integrated Mobile Application Security (MAS)

MTE Mobile uses MTE technology to protect your sensitive data at the application level before it hits the operating system. MTE Mobile uses Customer Data Protection (CDP) to provide an MDM style security for your data on your customer’s devices. 

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 MTE Mobile Application Security

Securing your mobile devices at the application level

The MTE Mobile toolkit is a solution that is configurable on each endpoint, for each session, uniquely protecting each data payload.

MTE intentionally corrupts the synchronization, making the data unusable when a threat is detected on a mobile device. MTE Mobile addresses vulnerabilities such as SIM swap attacks and application-based threats (malware, spyware, privacy threats, vulnerable applications).

Protect against targeted attacks that happen at the application level.

Mobile Application Security

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Endpoint Verification

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge

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Application Level Security

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Event-Driven Application Security

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Website Security

Application Level Security

Replaces your data: MTE technology replaces your data with instantly obsolete random streams of values.

Secures from application to server-side application: secures your data from your mobile application all the way to your server-side application. Prevents you from becoming an accidental victim. Prevents an operating system hack or from bad actions by rogue applications.

No key management needed: our MKE product provides automated key management with ever changing unrelated keys.

Endpoint Verification

Connection cannot be spoofed: with a one-to-one pairing relationship, the connection cannot be spoofed as every transaction is instantly obsolete.

Data cannot be held or replayed: as instant obsolescence would reject the transaction.

Eliminates the need for secrets to be exchanged between two endpoints: preventing one of the common vulnerabilities of traditional technologies.

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge

Prevents SIM swapping and cloning attacks: hardware validation prevents these attacks.

Eliminates the need to exchange secrets: you do not need to exchange secrets and credentials between the two endpoints.

No handshake needed: handshake protocols are major attack points for other security solutions and are important to eliminate.

You are always in control: when a bad state is detected, you are alerted immediately, allowing you to decide what to do with the hacked device.

SDR (Secure Data Replacement)

Secures sensitive data-at-rest: secures data to be stored on a mobile device without depending on your operating system

Application controlled: takes place in the application to prevent exposure from operating system zero-days, malware, lost devices, etc.

Added authorization: data that is securely stored using SDR can only be recovered by the securing application, and extra authorization can be built to require approval from the application server

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