Regulatory Compliance in Data Security 

An Interview with Dan Lemoine on how Eclypses MTE technology keeps your data protected and keeps your organization ahead of regulatory changes in your industry.

Regulatory compliance in data security is a set of rules that organizations must adhere to protect sensitive information. Compliance requirements differ by industry, but generally, involve using a multitude of specific organizational processes and technologies to protect data. These standards are provided to make customers feel safe and protected with the information they distribute online. 

We interviewed Daniel Lemoine, Director of Customer Success at Eclypses to see what he had to say on regulatory compliance. 

Q: Why is regulatory compliance important for businesses?  

Regulatory compliance is critical as it sets the stage for defining the rules global businesses need to adhere to. Following regulatory compliance rules helps companies develop the foundation on which they are built, define their brand, and help to build a positive reputation which is imperative in building potential customers’ trust.  

Investors and clients need to feel confident, not only in a company’s product offerings but also in their behavior related to how they conduct business. Customers need to understand that the company they are working with keeps their teams aligned with compliance initiatives and always acts with integrity.  

Q: What are some challenges surrounding regulatory compliance?   

One of the biggest challenges I see related to regulatory compliance would be businesses staying ahead of regulatory changes year over year and keeping their organizations aligned to follow the updated rules.  

Our MTE (MicroToken Exchange) technology is integrated into our customer product offerings with the understanding that regulatory compliances need to be adhered to for the business verticals our customers work in such as fintech, blockchain, critical infrastructure, government, healthcare, and retail. 

With MTE integrated into our customers’ software applications, it becomes a component of their overall product offering, not just a third-party, bolt-on security solution.  

Our customers can rest assured, no matter what regulatory compliance rule changes are made, they will be able to pass front-end security audits at a moment’s notice. The ever-evolving regulatory compliance changes will never impact how MTE protects our customers’ data.  

Our MTE technology keeps customer data protected at the application layer utilizing NIST-approved cryptographic algorithms built into our Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL) randomizing and replacing data with instantly obsolete values.  

Q:  What systems are in place that allow you to consistently achieve regulatory compliance? How do you ensure that your customer’s data is protected?  

To continuously achieve regulatory compliance for front-end security audits and ensure our customers’ data stays safe, our Eclypses engineering teams work hard to develop and advance our MTE technology utilizing the latest NIST-approved quantum-resistant algorithms. Using the latest approved quantum-resistant algorithms ensures our MTE technology stays on the cutting edge of cryptographic application-level security providing world-class security to our customers.

Our patented Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL) has been FIPS 140-3 validated by a third-party, NIST testing laboratory. 

Q: How does top management display its commitment to documented policies?   

When I engage with C-Level customers and their engineering teams it is always clear they are aligned on a vision for their product offering and bring their ‘A’ game when we discuss the integration of MTE into their product offerings.  

To deliver word class service to our customers, the Eclypses leadership team has driven an initiative for us to not only document our policies and procedures for repeatable successful engagements, but to constantly challenge ourselves to think outside of the box to drive positive change.  

Continuously improving upon our documented policies and procedures allows us to streamline the delivery of our product offering as our business needs shift and grow, which is critical to the success of not only Eclypses but also our customers! 

To learn more about regulatory compliance in relation to Eclypses MTE technology, reach out to our team today.