Seamless Website Security

MTE Web is an extra layer of security that protects individual fields of sensitive data on a webpage, for when exposure cannot be tolerated. MTE Web is deployed through a web browser without plug-ins or disruption to the user experience. MTE Web protects against vulnerabilities such as replay attacks, Wi-Fi eavesdropping, spoofing (IP spoofing, DNS spoofing, HTTPS spoofing) and hijacking (SSL hijacking, session/browser cookie hijacking, email hijacking).

Continuous Website Security

  • Replaces your data: utilize MTE to replace your data with instantly obsolete random streams of values. You choose what sensitive data to secure, improving efficiency and allowing for a targeted security approach.
  • FIPS 140-3 certification: MTE technology has been submitted for FIPS 140-3 certification with our ECL certified cryptographic library.
  • Secures your data: from your browser all the way to the web server
  • Prevents man in the middle attacks: when on public or unsecured web connections
  • No key management needed: as our MKE product provides automated key management with ever changing unrelated keys
  • Works with all versions of TLS: MTE technology is complementary to your existing security protocols
  • Individually secures each transmission within the session: this is unlike TLS or traditional web security where it is secured by session.

Compatible and Easy to Use

  • Works with any modern web browser: easily added to any website
  • No downloads, plugins, or installations on the client side: MTE is embedded in the website and accessible for use in the client browser with no change to the user experience
  • No external reliance on Eclypses or 3rd parties: no need for external calls to Eclypses servers or verification services
  • Small footprint: small size of approximately 60kB, compared to OpenSSL library size of approximately 800kB. MTE has high efficiency/low latency when compared to other security technology offerings
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