Eclypses MTE Technology® Achieves ThingWorx Ready Status

PTC Partner Eclypses, Inc. Offers New PTC Marketplace Solution, MTE Technology Enabling ThingWorx Users to Provide Security to Data-in-Transit

Eclypses, Inc. announces it has joined the PTC Partner Network and their integration Eclypses MTE Extension has achieved ThingWorx Ready status. The PTC ThingWorx Ready program enables technology companies to validate their products’ interoperability with PTC’s ThingWorx® Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

Following a product’s ThingWorx Ready designation, that product becomes visible on the PTC Marketplace, a digital space where PTC partners and customers can promote IIoT tools, market-ready solutions, and innovative technologies designed to aid solution deployments.

The Eclypses MTE Extension allows PTC device partners to add an additional layer of security that protects data communicated between an edge device (also known as a “Thing”) and the ThingWorx platform.

With this integration, companies can ensure bad actors cannot access valuable information at any point during the data transmission process through the use of endpoint verification and zero trust with full knowledge.

The Eclypses MTE Extension for ThingWorx provides users with a seamless way for adding a higher level of security to any data moving to and from the ThingWorx platform. This extension utilizes the Eclypses MTE Library, which must be obtained from Eclypses and added to the Extension and edge SDK.

“Protecting the most vulnerable data from cyberattacks has always been our top priority at Eclypses. Our MTE technology is uniquely positioned to create an advanced security strategy that enhances any existing security measures in place across any IoT network,” said David Gomes, COO of Eclypses. “We are very excited to be a part of the ThingWorx Ready Program and look forward to working with PTC and the PTC partner ecosystem to provide customers with a higher level of security for the ever-growing number of cyber threats.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Eclypses to the ThingWorx Ready Program,” said Peter LeBlanc, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances at PTC. “Our network of technology partners allows us to offer our joint customers innovative IIoT solutions that enable them to accelerate time to business value.”

For more information on Eclypses’ work with the PTC Partner Network, visit Eclypses on PTC Partner Finder or at

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