Eclypses Nominated for FTF News Award for Best Compliance Solution 2024

Eclypses, a leading innovator in data security, has been nominated for the esteemed FTF News Award for Best Compliance Solution 2024. This recognition underscores Eclypses’ ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address critical data security compliance needs within the financial industry. Voting starts April 3, 2024, cast your votes here! 

The FTF News Award for Best Compliance Solution is a prestigious accolade presented to a solution that excels in a specialized area, aiding organizations in meeting their regulatory obligations while optimizing their operations. This year’s nomination acknowledges Eclypses’ dedication to innovation and excellence in assisting clients across equities, fixed income, and derivative instruments in navigating complex compliance landscapes. 

Eclypses’ nomination is a testament to its ability to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry, where regulatory, legal, data, social, and IT compliance are paramount. The company’s solution has consistently demonstrated its efficacy in improving clients’ capabilities to meet their obligations while enhancing operational efficiency. 

Commenting on the nomination, David Gomes, Chief Executive Officer at Eclypses, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “Being nominated for the FTF News Award for Best Compliance Solution is a validation of our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in addressing our clients’ compliance needs through data security. We are proud to be acknowledged for our dedication to delivering impactful solutions that empower organizations to navigate the complex regulatory landscape effectively.” 

This nomination follows Eclypses’ previous successes, including winning the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards Best Cyber Security Solution award in 2022 and 2023.