Liveplex and Eclypses Unite to Fortify Blockchain Security for Web 3.0 Digital Transformation

Liveplex, a prominent technology firm at the forefront of the next-generation internet revolution, announces another milestone in its strategic partnership with Eclypses, Inc. to reinforce the security of blockchain implementations. Liveplex technology, which power the Web 3.0 ecosystem, provides brands with seamless integration into any blockchain, storage, and data reporting tool.

Eclypses has a patented technology that provides real-time, consistent data security across various application channels, including event-driven applications, mobile apps, web apps, and IoT ecosystems.

Through the utilization of the Eclypses Cryptographic Library (ECL), MTE offers unparalleled end-to-end security capabilities. Each end-point connection is meticulously verified, and data packets are uniquely protected, guaranteeing a secure experience for users while having minimal impact on system resources. Notably, MTE secures data within the application, enabling Liveplex implementations to be more secure than its counterparts.

“Protecting sensitive data from escalating cyber threats is paramount,” states Bryan Champagne, Chief Executive Officer at Eclypses. “The partnership between our team and Liveplex sets a new standard for blockchain security, offering customers an unmatched level of data protection within the Web 3.0 landscape.”

This collaboration ensures Liveplex customers benefit from comprehensive data protection, safeguarding against a myriad of cyber threats, including man-in-the-middle attacks, zero-day attacks, malware, brute force attacks, jailbroken/rooted devices, attack surfaces, attack vectors caused by third-party applications, SIM swapping and cloning attacks, networking spoofing, and operating system defaults.

“We are thrilled to celebrate another milestone in securing our customers with the help of Eclypses. This helps us to empower our customers with accelerated adoption and monetization opportunities in the Web 3.0 transformation,” said Vimal Kumar, President at Liveplex.

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