Eclypses MTE 3.0 Released: Here’s What You Need to Know

Eclypses released an update for their MTE technology bringing IoT customers a smaller library size and improved performance.  

October 3, 2022 –  Eclypses, Inc. announced the release of MTE 3.0 which features a reduced library size and improved performance of MTE technology to their IoT customers. Eclypses MTE technology offers a transformative cyber security solution to replace actual data with instantly obsolete, meaningless random streams of values. Eclypses developed the MTE technology to be the most innovative and disruptive security solution for protecting data communication for web and mobile applications and IoT devices. 

With this update, customers can expect a smaller MinSize library, dropping by approximately 66% resulting in footprints of less than 4KB. In the IoT world, this reduced library size is significant because memory is limited, and every byte counts. Other benefits of this update include an approximate 10% decrease in runtime memory usage while maintaining the same speeds. MTE 3.0 also allows for the ability to support lower-level microcontrollers (8-bit and 16-bit).  

“The release of MTE 3.0 is a huge milestone in our effort to bring constant security to all devices within an ecosystem. By greatly reducing our library size and RAM usage while expanding our device support, MTE can now fit in a wider array of commonly used IoT devices. This enables organizations to maintain the same level of quantum-resistant security that MTE offers regardless of the devices involved,” comments Aron Seader, Senior Director of Core Engineering at Eclypses.  

With MTE technology, companies can ensure bad actors cannot access valuable information at any point during the data transmission process using endpoint verification, and zero trust with full knowledge. 

For more information, please reach out to the Eclypses team: [email protected].