Eclypses Introduces Revolutionary End-to-End Data Protection for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices

MTE Nano will benefit customers in the IoT landscape by reducing RAM usage and library size.  

Eclypses introduced MTE Nano, a new toolkit focused on securing resource-constrained IoT devices with quantum-resistant security while reducing RAM usage and library size.  

The new toolkit enables even the smallest and most resource-constrained IoT devices to have the same level of endpoint data security as larger systems, creating true and consistent security across all devices. 

Microcontrollers play a vital role in numerous industries, but their susceptibility to cyber-attacks is a major concern due to their limited resources. Cybercriminals exploit these vulnerabilities to breach networks and access sensitive information. Fortunately, MTE Nano’s innovative technology addresses these challenges. By optimizing the solution for resource-constrained devices, MTE Nano has reduced RAM usage by over 90% and library size by over 50%, ensuring the security and reliability of the most limited IoT devices.

“Eclypses is proud to introduce the MTE Nano toolkit, as we believe it will greatly benefit customers in the IoT space. Security is a critical component of the IoT landscape, and our solution addresses the challenges faced by resource-constrained devices,” said Bryan Champagne, Chief Executive Officer of Eclypses. “We are confident that our MTE technology will set a new standard for IoT security and ensure the protection of your most critical asset – your data.” 

The use of resource-constrained IoT devices is growing exponentially, and security has become a top concern for IoT device manufacturers and users. With these kinds of devices being utilized to maintain critical infrastructure systems and provide personal data and home security, the risk of leaving these devices vulnerable is high. The need for security solutions that are optimized for these devices has never been greater.  

Eclypses MTE Nano is set to revolutionize the IoT security industry, offering an optimal solution for securing resource-constrained IoT devices. For more information on Eclypses and its solutions, please contact our team