DataSetGo Implements Eclypses MTE® Web Technology Into their WholesalePayroll Product to Secure Customer Data

Eclypses has partnered with DataSetGo LLC., an enterprise-level solution partner in the payroll processing industry.

DataSetGo recognized the need for the latest security technology to protect its customer’s data, which led them to implement Eclypses MTE Web technology into their WholesalePayroll product. WholesalePayroll is a modern, user-centric payroll platform that equips its customers with the tools needed to handle payroll and manage changes themselves, from start to finish.

By implementing Eclypses MTE technology, WholesalePayroll is the only payroll software with this level of security today. MTE secures data at the application level, and provides endpoint verification, and zero trust with full knowledge.

Albert Wagner, DataSetGo’s Chief Operating Officer said, “We want Wholesale Payroll to be as secure as possible. Data breaches of this type of information cannot happen. For this reason, we chose to incorporate Eclypse’s MTE technology.”

The DataSetGo and Eclypses partnership was formed to help bridge the way organizations in the payroll processing sector secure their data. MTE is a disruptive technology, revolutionary in both speed and accessibility, that gives clients access to the highest level of security available today, safeguarding even the most vulnerable data from cyberattacks.

Bryan Champagne, Eclypses Chief Executive Officer states, “The Eclypses team seamlessly implemented our MTE technology to provide DataSetGo application-level data security across their web platform, WholesalePayroll. We are thrilled to know their customer data will remain secure and look forward to continuing our partnership with DataSetGo as they continue to grow in the payroll processing industry.” 


About Eclypses  

Eclypses sets the new standard for protecting your most sensitive data while in transit. Their disruptive technology, MicroToken Exchange® (MTE®), offers a transformative cyber security solution to replace actual data with instantly obsolete, meaningless random streams of values. Eclypses developed the MTE technology to be the most innovative and disruptive security solution for protecting data communication for web and mobile applications, and IoT devices. In 2022, Eclypses won Best Cybersecurity Solution in the FTF News Technology Innovations Awards. For more information, please visit

About DataSetGo  

WholesalePayroll, a subsidiary of DataSetGo, LLC and an enterprise-level solution partner in the payroll processing industry, recognized the need for the latest security technology to protect its customer data. WholesalePayroll is Eclypses’ first payroll processing customer and is the first to implement MTE technology. For more information, please visit