White House Announcement: New 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy

On March 2, 2023, the Biden-Harris Administration announced the new National Cybersecurity Strategy. This strategy is to “secure the full benefits of a safe and secure digital ecosystem for all Americans.”

Noticeably, a significant change is the shifting of accountability.

According to the National Cybersecurity Strategy, “We must hold the stewards of our data accountable for the protection of personal data; drive the development of more secure connected devices; and reshape laws that govern liability for data losses and harm caused by cybersecurity errors, software vulnerabilities, and other risks created by software and digital technologies. We will use Federal purchasing power and grant-making to incentivize security. And we will explore how the government can stabilize insurance markets against catastrophic risk to drive better cybersecurity practices and to provide market certainty when catastrophic events do occur.

Securing personal data is a foundational aspect to protecting consumer privacy in a digital future. Data-driven technologies have transformed our economy and offer convenience for consumers. But the dramatic proliferation of personal information expands the threat environment and increases the impact of data breaches on consumers. When organizations that have data on individuals fail to act as responsible stewards for this data, they externalize the costs onto everyday Americans. Often, the greatest harm falls upon the vulnerable populations for whom risks to their personal data can produce disproportionate harms.” 

The five pillars this national strategy seeks to build and enhance collaboration around include the following:

  1. Defend critical infrastructure
  2. Disrupt and dismantle threat actors
  3. Shape market forces to drive security and resilience
  4. Invest in a resilient future
  5. Forge international partnerships to pursue shared goals

Click here to read the entire National Cybersecurity Strategy.

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