Strengthening Data Security for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Eclypses offers a robust solution to enhance data security in the healthcare setting.  

In today’s digital era, data security is paramount, particularly for hospitals and healthcare organizations that handle vast amounts of sensitive patient information. The need to safeguard electronic health records (EHRs), protect patient privacy, and defend against cyber threats has become increasingly critical. This article explores how Eclypses MTE technology offers a robust solution to enhance data security in healthcare settings. 

The Challenge of Data Security in Healthcare 

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges when it comes to data security. The nature of their operations requires the constant exchange of sensitive information, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals. The repercussions of a data breach can be severe, ranging from compromised patient privacy to legal and financial consequences. Therefore, implementing effective security measures is essential. 

According to The HIPAA Journal, May of 2023 was also one of the worst-ever months in terms of the number of breached records for healthcare, which increased by 330% month-over-month to an astonishing 19,044,544 breached records. 

According to Enterprise Networking Planet, here are some of the biggest data protection challenges in the healthcare industry today. 

  1. Ransomware attacks: in 2022 a staggering 71% of companies worldwide were affected by ransomware, according to Statista. According to a survey of global IT professionals, around 72 percent of the respondents paid the ransom and recovered the compromised data. A total of 62.9 percent of victims of ransomware attacks paid the ransom. 
  2. Improper data handling: healthcare facilities are known to be very busy, working under high stress and handling many tasks at once, which can compromise security. A 2022 Verizon report about health care breaches found employees are more than 2.5 times more likely to make mistakes that compromise data than to misuse their access maliciously. The top two mistakes were losing or sending data to the wrong place or person. 
  3. Poor internet hygiene and data security practices: a healthcare system executive left their work-issued laptop, which has access to 40,000 medical records, in a locked car while running an errand. The car was broken into, and the laptop stolen, which resulted in the healthcare system spending over $200,000 on remediation, monitoring, and operational improvements.  

Safeguarding Data with Eclypses MTE Technology 

Eclypses MTE technology provides a cutting-edge solution to address the data security concerns that many hospitals and healthcare organizations have.  

By securing at the application level, MTE technology:  

  • Verifies each endpoint connection 
  • Requires no change to the user experience 
  • Minimal impact on system resources 
  • Secures data inside the application 
  • Allows you to stop trusting the operating system and communication protocol 

With such a large threat to their businesses hanging over them, healthcare organizations need to take preventative measures to protect themselves from becoming the next victim. While no security can remove the human element involved in something like a phishing attack, ensuring that data is secured completely from endpoint to endpoint is one way to ensure that there are no easy, open vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. With Eclypses MTE Technology data is secured as soon as it is created. Additionally, when MTE is installed on a device, only that specific device can have access to a private database that also has MTE installed. With this kind of security, hackers would not be able to pair their own devices or browser sessions and therefore not be able to gain access to sensitive information. 

Data security is a critical concern for hospitals and healthcare organizations, and the adoption of robust security solutions is imperative. Implementing Eclypses MTE technology empowers healthcare organizations to meet regulatory requirements, mitigate risks, and maintain patient trust in an increasingly digitized healthcare landscape. 

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