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Andrew “Drew” Meyer

Senior Sales Director

Drew brings over 25 years of sales experience as a leader and individual contributor to Eclypses as the Senior Sales Director.  Being a native New Yorker and having experienced the events of 9/11 firsthand, Drew was compelled to immerse himself and apply his skills to help create organizational resilience across his vast network. Drew is a relationship builder, passionately working with his enterprise customers to enhance their physical and cyber security posture through the technology solutions he represents. Prior to joining Eclypses, he enjoyed building start-up SecTech companies including SendWordNow and NC4 where his contributions building value leading to successful exits to larger organizations at a premium. Drew continues his mission of being an ambassador of corporate resilience to his enterprise customers in his role as a senior sales leader at Eclypses. Drew lives in Lloyd Harbor, NY with his wife and two children and enjoys staying active outdoors running, mountain biking, snowboarding and stand-up paddleboarding the various harbors on the North Shore of Long Island.