Eclypses & Voatz Webinar | Cyber Security Awareness Month: High Stakes Application Security System

Meet the companies and the technology leaders who keep some of our most high-stakes applications safe. It takes the collaboration of several companies to ensure that our everyday apps like banking, healthcare, and the apps of the future like voting are safe for us to use with confidence. With new and emerging threats on the rise, it is important now – more than ever to safeguard your mobile applications against targeted mobile attacks that happen at the application level.

In this conversation, we speak to technology leaders:

  • Bryan Champagne, CEO, Eclypses
  • Baljeet Malhotra, Founder & CEO, TeejLab Inc.
  • Nimit Sawhney, Co-Founder & CEO, Voatz

They discuss the optimal approach to staying ahead of cyber hackers and ransomware attacks. Is our fear of and response to attacks equal to the threats that exist?