MicroToken Exchange
Standard encryption schemes leave your most sensitive data at risk. MicroToken Exchange(MTE) eliminates that risk by replacing valuable data with a meaningless, instantly obsolete replacement value we call a MicroToken. When the payload is intentionally corrupted, data exploitation becomes virtually impossible.

MTE Commander II

Protects data in transit
MTE Commander II is a game changing technology that intentionally corrupts data packets and randomly replaces each piece with instantly obsolete MicroTokens. This technology protects data-in-transit from man-in-the-middle cyberattacks and guarantees true end-to-end payload protection with zero compromise.
MTE Commander II provides real-time protection for all your connected devices
Live streaming video
Sensor values
Command & control for autonomous devices
Confidential document transfer
Payment & banking information

MTE Vault

Protects data at rest
Your most sensitive and valuable data should be locked up and inaccessible to cybercriminals. With our MTE Vault, you have that security.
MicroToken Exchange is the security that powers the MTE Vault. Only the Vault knows how a piece of data is stored and only the Vault will assemble the key to encrypt or decrypt your data. After the assignment of the MicroToken, the true value of the data can be retrieved and accessed at any time, but only by approved users.
Personal data can be stored anywhere with the MTE Vault “Geo Routing Engine” feature which solves the legal and compliance issues facing many companies today

scalable web service

The MTE Vault is a scalable, installable, containerized web service that is accessible using an easy-to-use, RESTful API.

instantly obsolete encryption key

The MTE Vault uses the MTE's Managed Key Encryption™ (MKE) methodology to ensure that each piece of data is stored with a unique, obsolete encryption key.

environment agnostic

The MTE Vault can be installed in any data center or cloud environment to secure Data-At-Rest.

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