MTE Technology

Standard encryption schemes leave your most sensitive data at risk. The MTE technology eliminates that risk by replacing valuable data with meaningless, instantly obsolete random streams of values. MTE provides true end-to-end payload protection through every hop of a network, regardless of the configuration, and ensures that in the event of a breach, attackers cannot use the data to cause harm. This technology is an added layer of security at a low latency, to complement existing cyber security protocols with real-time speeds. MTE is highly scalable and can easily integrate into your existing systems with user-friendly API’s and SDK’s. MTE Technology is at the heart of our MTE Mobile and MTE Web Toolkits.

Mobile Application Security

Website Security

Application Level Security

Endpoint Verification

Jailbreak & Root Protection

Zero Trust with Full Knowledge


Protecting Data In Transit

Random streams of values have no correlation to source data. An attacker would only be able to see the MTE generated, instantly obsolete, random stream of values if they got through.

Industries We Serve

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Critical Infrastructure

MTE ToolKits

MTE Mobile

Integrated Mobile Application Security


Seamless Website Security

MTE Connect

Scalable IoT Device Security

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