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Our MicroToken Exchange technology secures your app data on any iOS or Android device. Leverage our Microtoken Exchange technology to not only protect the integrity of the of the data on your mobile application, but also to offer a jailbreak / root detection solution through our initial synchronization process. One of the critical vulnerabilities that any mobile application needs to address is how to mitigate the risk of deploying a mobile app on a smartphone that has been jailbroken or rooted.

Mobile Threat Detection

Any mobile application on jailbroken/rooted phones is highly susceptible to fraud. Our Jailbreak/Root Detection solution uses industry-approved checks to identify tampered phones and signal MTE to take action.

Mobile Threat Detection

Once initialized, MicroToken Exchange uses MicroTokens to intentionally corrupt communication to the server of any compromised device. App data remains protected from fraud or other dangerous cyberattacks.

Command Tokenization

Keeps app data confidential when communicating to IoT devices.

Fixed Packet Size

Uses decoy tokens to set a maximum amount of data to secure.

Managed Key Encryption

Random and instantly obsolete keys are generated in real time to secure larger file sizes.

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