Internet of Things
MicroToken Exchange technology protects your data on any device, in any environment. With the rise of IoT devices, sensitive data is constantly generated around us. Our MTE Commander secures this data at every stage of the communication process.

How MTE Commander Secures Device Data

MTE technology guarantees the data received at the opposite end of an IoT network is just as reliable as reading it on the original device. MTE Commander purposely corrupts data and replaces it with a MicroToken on each side. Each packet of MicroTokens is encoded separately and randomly, ensuring data is undiscoverable and secure from inception. MicroTokenization is a compact and cost-effective solution to prevent man-in-the-middle cyber attacks, ensuring your IoT device has ultimate end-to-end data security.

critical infrastrucure

Protect smart city, urban intelligence solutions, and network grids systems from cyber interference.

network connected devices

Protect valuable data on any network connected device. Sensors, industrial controllers, and external services remain in control of their own data.

protect mobile apps

Secure mobile app data on one of the most common network connected devices in the world, regardless of the provider or the network!

Implement in any one of your iot architecture endpoints

Computer Systems
Laptop Computers
LoRaWAN Devices
Server Communication
Smart Phones
Network Connected Devices

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